Becoming a Rock Star is Harder Than it Looks- Inquiry

All my life, I wanted to be in the music industry, I would listen to the entire Rumours album day after day, it helped me with learning English. I got derailed by projection and negativity, which happens, just like a five-year old boy who wanted to be a fireman and became an accountant instead. This learning journey brought my thought process to the forefront.

As I was exploring the idea of learning guitar, the obstacles started to pop up, I was throwing them up left, right and center. “Can I do this? Do I have the money? Do I have the time? Do I really want to?” I know this sound like insecurities, it’s not, its programming. Its getting in the way of our own success.  As an adult, I am very aware of my self talk, and I answer these questions by providing myself options. I  demystifying the problems with true responses. If I answer myself negatively, I ask, “is that really true?” If its situational like money,  and you don’t have it, then yes its true for that moment.

So, what about a student that isn’t as self-aware? A student who is young that has very little life experience or self-awareness could have self-defeating chatter when it comes to learning something new. Fear, anxiety, and the belief that these obstacles are big brick walls. Personally I feel its my responsibility to sit down with this student to explore the options that could help demystify the obstacles. I think that it is apart of teaching to show students possibilities. In our salon we say,”don’t be the problems, be the solutions!”

I love this inquiry project because it opened my eyes to the fact that we forget what its like to take the first step in the learning process. Learning  can be exciting, scary, nerve-racking and confidence building. I am aware of the journey not just the destination. Its cliché I know, but in this case, it happens to be true.

I would also like to express my gratitude to Eva and the best group of classmate, who were gracious, insightful, brilliant, funny, charismatic, generous, that accepted  my foibles and were smart enough to laugh at my jokes. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Its been an honour and a privilege,


One thought on “Becoming a Rock Star is Harder Than it Looks- Inquiry

  1. It’s true, we are truly our own worst critics. The key is transitioning from ‘I can’t’ to ‘Can I?’, and finally, to ‘Why the eff not?’ right? Something that comes with growing, I think. I wanted to learn guitar my entire life, until one day when I was about 25, I asked myself – Why the hell can’t I learn guitar? – and started lessons the next week. It’s funny talking to people how often something will come up they’re passionate about that they’ll say ‘but I can’t right now…’ Too busy, too poor, too proud, too scared. Whatever the case may be – I think people need to take the time to ask themselves – can’t I?

    And lastly, I have to agree. Great class, great discussion, great learning.


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