WebQuest in Hair School

When I searched WebQuest for hair styling I thought there is no way there is going to be one made. As luck would have it, there is a WebQuest on Hair Through the Decades.  As I went over this project, I thought that this is an innovative way to manage  group and individual assignments. This particular WebQuest is a group project with clear tasks, goals, evaluation and expectations for setting up an editorial photo shoot for a magazine. I think we, (teachers and students alike) can get overwhelmed with the details of a project especially when it is student centered. There seems to be a lot of fear around “students taking the reigns,” this inventive tool would help ease anxiety around researching and meeting learning outcomes.

By reviewing this WebQuest I began to think about how would I use this the classroom with future students. The project would be a once a year paired assignment, titled, “Build your Dream Salon.” I would provide the following links for research:

Salon Builder  http://www.salonbuilder.com/salon-business-success.asp

Hair Salon Article http://articles.bplans.com/how-to-open-a-successful-hair-salon/

Forbes http://www.forbes.com/2007/04/20/whole-foods-revlon-.ent-manage-cx_bn_0420fundsalonintro.html

This project would be for the students whom are in their last year of hair styling in high school or it would be an assignment in the last quarter of a private technical vocational school. I would want  the focus to be on the business aspect of opening a salon and everything that goes onto it from tiles to taxes. They would come up with a dream board with pictures of what it would look like and the cost of the “dream.” I would like the students to analyse and compare the business components  in opening a hair salon, and ask themselves,” Do I want to consider this for myself? Could this be a goal?” I would like learners to realise more goes into having a hair salon than just picking out the decor. I really enjoyed thinking about using WebQuest in the future and having one more tool in my toolbox to educate students in student centered approaches.


One thought on “WebQuest in Hair School

  1. What a great summative assignment you have planned! I think the timing of this web quest (students in their final year) is an effective time to get students to start to think globally, and begin to bring all the things they’ve learned together. As you allude to, student’s can’t just graduate and start to work, they have to either find a job, or make their own niche, and I have no doubt some of your students would be exploring the topics covered in your web quest whether it was an assignment or not. It would definitely serve to keep a student’s aspirations in perspective, since you built in the cost analysis aspect of the assignment.

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