“I Do Like This One Little Bit”

As I am reading this article, “I Don’t Like This One Little Bit”, and watched the Ted Video, Salman Khan: Let’s use video to reinvent education, it brought my client Alley* to mind. I discovered she was quite the conversationalist. When I asked her how school was going, she waxed on about how great it was, that her favorite subject is chemistry, her interest is politics and she can’t wait to go to Ottawa (which is why she was getting her hair done) for this huge science event. Needless to say I thought, “what is wrong with this kid?” Ally* had informed me that she went to an alternative school and  her teacher Jim* is amazing. “Oh, you get to call him by his first name?” I asked. Ally screwed up her face and looked at me like I was the crazy one and said,” what else would I call him? That’s his name.”

So, why did I tell you this story? Results. As the title of the article suggests, when  implementing a new teaching method like flipping the classroom, it may be met with resistance. Learners are used  sitting  as passive observers of the learning process instead of being actively involved in their education. So, I ask myself, “How are these students going to turn out?” I had the perfect example in front of me, Ally. She was telling me how they conduct great experiments, when they learn about nature they went out side, she loves politics and public speaking. She didn’t speak with arrogance, she spoke with knowledge, and she wore her confidence like a her skin. Ally is the example of what happened when we  flip the classroom and  create student centered learning environment.

For me, I have a lot  fear if I can’t foresee some of the pitfalls and the benefits in mentoring a student in this manner. I will be implementing flipping the classroom and other student centered learning where ever possible. You maybe wondering how old Ally is, she is 13 and when she decides to run for a political position, no matter what it is, she has my vote!

*names have been change to protect the innocent


2 thoughts on ““I Do Like This One Little Bit”

  1. Hi Cristina!

    Great blog! At first when I was reading your story about Ally I also was curious about the kind of education she was getting. It sounds amazing, I wish that was something offered to me when I was in school.

    There is going to be pitfalls with every manner you teach. If you are new to teaching every style of teaching is new to you. You can talk about it as much as you want in a class room but once you get in that class and have 20 eyes on you, it becomes a very different situation. Some times it even takes practicing a method a few times so you yourself are comfortable with it and get a good flow. If this style of teaching is something that you feel works with you and might spark a bit of passion in you I say go with it! Yes there might be a chance is doesn’t work but who cares! That’s how you learn.

    Every class is going to be different too. So what you find worked with one class might not with another. Have a few teaching methods in your back pocket and try and be as prepared for as many situations as you can.



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