Student Centered Learning

The article, 10 Ways to Get Student Centered Learning Right, offers helpful guidance in which direction that student centered learning can be taken.  As a student of teaching, I feel there is an advantage to starting my teaching career at this point in education, with a transition from teacher centered learning to student centered learning. This is an exciting time, learning is being examined in more ways than one. The student is being looked at as a whole person not just the sum of its parts with limited view of intelligence.

Most educators teach how they were taught, there are aspects of student centered learning that seem completely foreign to me and it can be overwhelming to a new educator. This article begins with a case study in a New Hampshire school district, the article, “What Happens When Students Control Their Own Education” provides a review of what the benefits are to student-centered learning.

There are well-known points to student centered learning such as, teachers become facilitator or mentors, students applying their knowledge, teacher providing the support students need, and changing the feedback process. This article provides suggestions on establishing rules and boundaries in the classroom. From the way I was educated, I had the perception that with student centered learning that  there are no longer any rules, like having a fox in charge of the hen-house. Having clear guideline made me more comfortable with a different approach.

I realise , that there is a lot going on behind the scenes when implementing multi-faceted methods that will benefit the need of the learners. Having family involvement and administrative supports all play a crucial l role to the success of their students. Although the metrics of success may vary, as educators our success also relies on the success of our students. The more tools and information we have we the better ensure the growth of the students.


3 thoughts on “Student Centered Learning

  1. I read the same article too Cristina! I found it very helpful as well. I really connect with the ideas you put forth in terms of these ideas being a bit daunting but that it is a great time to become an educator. I also appreciated the information regarding what happens with rules in a student-centered approach. Do you find any of your current practice involves aspects of student centered learning? I would like to incorporate more but it does mean changing my thinking and letting go of some methods and processes. Hopefully over time I can incorporate more.


    1. As a trades professional. I also struggle with the idea of letting the students run the show, like handing the keys over to someone who doesn’t know how to drive. Students mimic and repeat, I always ask myself how can I implement student center learning in the classroom. I think I could use group projects and brainstorming on one or two assignments increase the level of student centered learning. I realise nothing is 100% all the time. The more tools and ideas that we have in our arsenal the better our student outcomes will be. Maybe it not about changing everything at once, trying one idea or one assignment. I think its like taking one bite at a time. Just like how we teach our students, we learn ourselves in the same way piece by piece. Maybe we need give ourselves some latitude in our own learning process.

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