Becoming a Rock Star is Harder Than it Looks- Inquiry

All my life, I wanted to be in the music industry, I would listen to the entire Rumours album day after day, it helped me with learning English. I got derailed by projection and negativity, which happens, just like a five-year old boy who wanted to be a fireman and became an accountant instead. This learning journey brought my thought process to the forefront. As … More Becoming a Rock Star is Harder Than it Looks- Inquiry

WebQuest in Hair School

When I searched WebQuest for hair styling I thought there is no way there is going to be one made. As luck would have it, there is a WebQuest on Hair Through the Decades.  As I went over this project, I thought that this is an innovative way to manage  group and individual assignments. This particular WebQuest is a group project … More WebQuest in Hair School

Student Centered Learning

The article, 10 Ways to Get Student Centered Learning Right, offers helpful guidance in which direction that student centered learning can be taken.  As a student of teaching, I feel there is an advantage to starting my teaching career at this point in education, with a transition from teacher centered learning to student centered learning. This is an exciting time, learning is being … More Student Centered Learning